Meeting Minutes, September 16, 2008

Officers present:

President Sherry Hayden

Secretary Paul Streby (arrived late)

Treasurer Suzi Davidek

Sherry Hayden presided. Michael Kelly read the minutes of the May 20, 2008 meeting. They were corrected and approved. Suzi Davidek reported that there was over $100 in the general account and $408 in the beautification account, but did not have exact figures with her. The treasurer’s report was tabled until the next meeting.

Cathy Lancaster and Jackie Birdsall are running the CCNA group on Yahoo. About 250 people are on the email list. Postings should be limited to neighborhood news. There is more give-and-take on the Yahoo group than in simply sending email.

Mary Whaley said she was called by Val Noponen about the Pierce Park area. It was plowed up and she was the only one to plant. A cleanup is scheduled for October 11.

Sherry read a note from liaison Paul O’Donnell about how to keep the neighborhood looking good. The mowing of lawns was discussed.

Michael Kelly reported Mott’s enrollment at 18,000 and announced upcoming events at Mott and at Kearsley Park. Speaking as a private citizen, he informed neighbors that Kay Kelly had been fired from the Kearsley Park project by Mayor Don Williamson. Extensive discussion followed. Jack Minore explained that Kay drew her paycheck from money deposited with the City, but she was hired by a consortium. Michael said that the Ruth Mott Foundation was very supportive of her, and had provided some funding based in part on her record. A motion was approved to send a letter of concern to the mayor.

Franklin Pleasant reported that weekly training will start in November to teach people how to work with organizations and groups. Applications are due October 10.

County Commissioner Jamie Curtis reported that Genesee County has balanced its budget, with all units sharing in cuts. It will be tougher in the future to cut. A federally funded county program can do up to $5000 in light household tasks for residents 60 and over, such as lawn mowing and cleaning eaves.

Dale Weighill and Dick Ramsdell urged support of the recall of Don Williamson. Alex Harris gave contact information about the recall effort and brought petitions.

City Councilman Jim Ananich reported that the City Council will discuss allegations that City workers did maintenance on City time for an old union building Williamson owns. The City’s 911 service will merge with the County’s, only a year after buying new equipment. The mayor laid off 25% of the police force, with more to go. Other cuts are likely. Williamson has three times as many aides as Woodrow Stanley did. Money is spent for purposes not intended, and code enforcement is almost nonexistent.

Jack Minore announced a concert series at St. Paul’s.

Cathy Lancaster reminded neighbors of the common hour on Thursdays organized by Flint’s Future Now. October common hours will be at the Brown Sugar Café.

Rhina Griffel said there would be voter guides in the Flint Journal sponsored by the League of Women Voters.

Erin Caudell announced events at Applewood, including a September 27 Apple Walk and Beauty & the Beat.