Meeting Minutes, March 15, 2009


President Sherry Hayden

Vice President Mike Keeler

Secretary Paul Streby

Treasurer Suzi Davidek (not present)

Vice-President Mike Keeler presided.

Minutes of the January 15, 2009 were read by Secretary Paul Streby, corrected, and approved.

President Sherry Hayden read the treasurer’s report, and reported $147.19 in the general fund, with $117.73 after bills paid, $800 in the Bishop Trust Fund, and $415.86 in the beautification fund.  Treasurer Suzi Davidek got checking fees waived by Citizens Bank.  Bethany Munsell, an accountant, agreed to take on the position of treasurer.  A motion was passed to elect Bethany interim treasurer until the May officer elections.  Stickers to correct the meeting signs were distributed.  We might be able to use Bishop Trust or leftover SCAT money to update the old SCAT signs with welcome messages.  She will bring more information to the May meeting.  The treasurer’s report was approved.

Beautification coordinator Claudia Mach made a motion to apply for a grant from Keep Genesee County Beautiful for mulch, herbicide, replacement of perennials, and establishing a garden on the triangle at Commonwealth, Windemere, and Montclair.  The grant request motion was passed.

Sherry Hayden reported that on Saturday, May 9, hazardous and electronic waste collections will be held at the Court St. recycling plant and Goodwill at Averill, respectively.

Sherry did the second reading of the proposed changes to the Bylaws.  The Bylaws amendments were discussed and approved.  The Bylaws will be added to the CCNA website.

Michael Kelly reported that enrollment at Mott Community College is up.  The Ballenger Lecture Series discussion of stem cell research will be on Wednesday, March 25 at Mott.  Earth Day events will take place on Saturday, April 18 in the Gorman Building.  The dental hygiene and cosmetology clinics are open for a few more weeks for this academic year.  There are no immediate plans for the old Longway Apothecary location.

Kay Kelly announced a Kearsley Park cleanup planned for April 18.  There will be a ribbon-cutting at Applewood before the kids’ race.  A Midsummer Night’s Dream will be at Kearsley Park and other locations in June, a children’s play, and the Flint Folk Festival later in the summer.  Central High School will begin playing home games at the new soccer field.  She is seeking historical building designation for the pavilion.

Neighborhood Liaison Paul O’Donnell said that because of our neighborhood cohesiveness, we hear about issues quickly.  Police have commented on the vigilance of people in this neighborhood.  More international students are coming to Flint.  Our census tract has the most professors in the entire county.  Local businesses have been very good for our neighborhood.  A committee removes nuisances.

Andy Everman showed a blueprint for an urban forest by Woodside Church.  Over 150 dead ash trees have been removed, and native Michigan trees will be planted on April 18.

Rhina Griffel and Jack Minore announced mayoral candidates’ forums  on April 28 and April 30.  The League of Women Voters will probably have a forum for school board candidates.  Jack reminded us that a school millage renewal is on May 5.  Turnout expected to be heavy because of the mayoral primary.  Earth Day events and cleanups are planned by the Flint Watershed Coalition.  Bike trails will be expanded this year.

Mike Keeler said that a sound wall is being built in Grand Blanc because Gov. Granholm awarded stimulus money to it as a shovel-ready project.

City Councilman Jim Ananich said that Flint missed the deadline for applying for funding for an I-69 sound wall.  The paperwork is ready, in case funding becomes available.  Numerous funds are set up, so unlike projects are not competing with each other for funding.  Jim described various types of stimulus spending.  Bleeding from the City’s general fund has been stopped.  Department heads are looking harder at spending.  The demolition of the burned-out house on Gold is tied up in court.  Yard waste collection unofficially began this week, but the official start date will be later.

There was discussion of the possible closing of Central High School.  It was suggested that neighbors write letters to the editor and attend school board meetings.

Meeting Minutes, January 15, 2009

Officers present:
President Sherry Hayden
Vice President Mike Keeler
Secretary Paul Streby

Vice-President Mike Keeler presided.

Minutes of the November 18, 2008 meeting were read by Secretary Paul Streby, corrected, and approved.

President Sherry Hayden read the treasurer’s report, and reported $473.69 in the general fund and $311 in the beautification fund. Citizens Bank charges the CCNA $10/month in checking fees. Discussion followed, including a suggestion to see if a credit union could offer a better deal. The state requires nonprofits to keep officer positions separate, and to supply written bank balances at meetings. Suzi Davidek has been CCNA’s reliable treasurer for a long time and would like to step down. Sherry asked if anyone was interested in taking over this position. The treasurer’s report was approved.

Mike Keeler invited new neighbors to introduce themselves.

Michael Kelly reported some graffiti. A nuisance committee has been addressing such issues as needed.

Paul Streby encouraged neighbors to read and contribute to the CCNA blog.

Betty Ramsdell announced her candidacy for the Flint Board of Education in the May 5 election, and brought petitions.

Dick Ramsdell encouraged neighbors to visit the Flint Farmers Market in winter. A survey indicated interest in fresh produce; the King Karate greenhouse is supplying fresh vegetables on Saturdays. The Flint Farmers Market website has drawings of planned upgrades that will be phased in over time, owing to the economic climate, which is affecting foundation funding. The building is not ADA-compliant, and an HVAC upgrade is needed. The Citizens Bank branch next door is closed, but some of the space around it could be used. Suggestions are encouraged. An artists’ flea market will be held on Saturdays during the summer.

Wearing another hat, Dick reminded neighbors that the mayoral recall election is scheduled for February 24. Much of the recall campaign will be done online, including via Facebook, and will be rolled out soon.

Dale Weighill said that a Plante Moran audit showed the City to be millions of dollars in the hole because of overspending. The interim police chief has been indicted, and the super chief may be indicted also.

Alex Harris said the audit showed the City will eventually be insolvent. Mayor Williamson responded by proposing a huge property tax increase in the midst of a recession.

Mike Keeler read proposed changes to the CCNA bylaws that will be voted on at the next meeting.

City Councilman Jim Ananich said that he has reported to the City a burned house on Gold, and will follow up. Emergency demolitions can be done on houses that are 50% or more burned. The Sunoco station at Court & Dort has closed; Double-J was cited in a food stamp sting. The City’s property tax revenues are down $4M, and overspending is up $1M. Income tax collection may dip, but state funding may hold constant. The City’s total cash deficit is about $15M, including $8.3M from the general fund and $1.4M from the building inspection fund. Proposed incentives could entice older, higher-wage police to retire, and useless appointees could be cut to save $2.5M.

A neighbor described his recent robbery.

Michael Kelly reported that Mott’s enrollment is up 9%, and that the Bear Bistro is open for business.

Sherry Hayden described revisions for CCNA yard signs.

Meeting Minutes, November 18, 2008

Officers present:

President Sherry Hayden

Vice President Mike Keeler

Secretary Paul Streby

Treasurer Suzi Davidek

Vice-President Mike Keeler presided.  Minutes of the September 16, 2008 were read by Secretary Paul Streby and approved.  Treasurer Suzi Davidek reported $358.19 in the general fund and $391.99 in the beautification fund.  Extra funds from a grant from Keep Genesee County Beautiful were returned.  Suzi reminded everyone to renew their membership.  The treasurer’s report was approved.

Paul Streby showed the new CCNA blog and invited neighbors to join.  Cathy Lancaster showed the CCNA listserv and demonstrated how to sign up for it.

Mary Whaley reported that CCNA spent about half of the KGCB funding, accomplished what was needed, and returned the rest.  Sherry Hayden said that in the future, we might request less money.  CCNA can work through the Court Street Village organization, which would act as fiduciary, to get 501(c)(3) funding.  $800 remains in the Bishop Trust fund for CCNA.  The Longway Apothecary was torn down, and the land now belongs to Mott College.  Sherry asked whether a CCNA sign should be put there.

Michael Kelly said that Mott will pay the owner of Longway Apothecary after the land is restored to its original condition.  Mott has no immediate plans for using the land.  Michael will talk to the Board about a CCNA sign.

Kathy Beaubien reported that the National Women’s Farm & Garden Club does beautification around town, and that Val Noponen hangs wreaths on the Court Street bridge.  Wreath orders are about to go in.

Mike Keeler handled introductions from new neighbors.

Sara McDonnell from UM-Flint’s Center for Applied Environmental Research reported that commercial and residential development at the headwater of Gilkey Creek in Burton leads to flooding.  The portion of Gilkey Creek in Burton is under the Genesee County Drain Commissioner’s authority, and the portion in Flint is under the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.  A project to reclaim Gilkey Creek aims to improve water and habitat quality, reduce flooding and erosion, improve the appearance, and make water safer.  The Applewood Restoration has similar goals, and green specifications.  Sara announced upcoming workshops and events.

Alex Harris announced that the Committee for a Better Flint obtained more than enough signatures for a recall of the mayor, which is scheduled for February 24, 2009.  If the mayor is recalled, the City Administrator will become acting mayor.

Councilman Jim Ananich announced the upcoming grand reopening of Kearsley St. downtown.  New and refurbished buildings are slated for opening downtown, including the Wade-Trim, Rowe, and Durant.  The City is working with UM-Flint to bring housing to the Durant, and it accepted grant money for making certain streets two ways again; the paperwork for the street conversion is completed.  Beginning January 1, 2009, the City has a deficit of $8.5 million, and will need to cut waste and favoritism.  The City is still haggling over Genesee Towers, and Mayor Don Williamson is funding a lot of expenditures on an emergency purchase basis.

Michael Kelly announced that the Bear, a full service campus restaurant, will open at Mott on December 1.  Classes off the main campus bring in about $1 million annually to Mott College.

Kay Kelly thanked neighbors for their support.  She may get back her position as Kearsley Park Project director based on funding stipulations from the Ruth Mott Foundation.  Miles Gadola is filling her former position at $31/hour, while City maintenance workers are being laid off.

Rhina Griffel reported that a grant supported the League of Women Voters election guide newspaper insert, and is surveying people who saw it.

Sherry Hayden announced an upcoming workshop on using new media.  Various neighbors announced upcoming events.