Neighborhood Action Sessions

Ward 7 is5:30pm onNov. 30 at Brennan Center, 1301 Pingree Ave.

Storytimes @ Flint Public Library

Information on storytimes at the Flint Public Library and its 3 branches can be found here.  Please visit for more program information!

Meeting Minutes, September 17, 2009

College Cultural Neighborhood Association

Minutes of the September 17, 2009 Meeting

President Sherry Hayden
Vice President Mike Keeler
Secretary Paul Streby
Treasurer Cindy Robinson

Vice-President Mike Keeler presided.

Minutes of the May 21, 2009 meeting were read by Secretary Paul Streby, corrected, and approved.

President Sherry Hayden informed attendees that the most recent treasurer had resigned and had not deposited checks into the various accounts. She nominated Cindy Robinson for treasurer. Cindy was elected by acclamation.

Mike Keeler introduced the two Seventh Ward candidates for the City Council: Denise Smith-Allen, and Dale Weighill. Each of them spoke briefly and answered questions.

State Rep. Lee Gonales reported a huge state budget crisis, including a $2.8 billion deficit. The City will lose revenue sharing, with the size of the cut not yet determined. On the brighter side, renewable energy-related employment is growing in Michigan, including Volt engine manufacturing in Flint. There followed a general discussion of revenues and budgeting.

Sherry Hayden introduced a first-time attendee and pointed out some new and fun things in Flint.

City Council President Jim Ananich reported that Mayor Dayne Walling is interested in creating an office of neighborhood services. The City budget is very tight, and there will be a mid-year review in December. The City has budgeted for some anticipated costs, but the size of the Genesee Towers settlement will be between $1.1 million and $6 million. The City lacks funding for renovating or demolishing this building, but perhaps grant money could fund demolition and/or redevelopment. A burned house on Gold has been demolished, and the process is underway for another one on Greenfield. There is a long waiting list. Better coordination between the City and neighborhood organizations could prevent City contractors from being paid for grass cutting in public spaces that is actually being done by resident volunteers. Parks Director Joe Eufinger worked on implementing adopt-a-park programs. Michael Kelly suggested selling tree-culling permits to individuals to raise revenue and remove deadwood.

Beautification coordinator Claudia Mach reminded neighbors that garden cleanups are the second Saturday of the month, or Sunday in the event of rain.

Michael Kelly said that Mott now has over 12,000 students, and referred people to its website at to learn of campus events. If the EPA authorizes an intermodal transportation hub at Buick City, Mott will add a new major in this field.There was a traffic jam on Court St. the first week of fall classes, but this problem has abated. The former Army Reserve building has been acquired by Mott for use as a shipping and receiving facility. It needs renovations, but is much less expensive than erecting a new building.

Kearsley Park events are listed online at He said that Kay Kelly (not present) is working on getting fall hayrides at Kearsley Park.

Jack Minore reported that the Flint Watershed Coalition is having a membership drive at City Park in Flushing with various events.

Mike Keeler announced that health care reform rallies are held every Thursday at 11, beginning at Windmill Place and ending at McFarlan Park. Dick Ramsdell asked neighbors to vote for the Flint Farmers Market at, to help it win funding. Andy Everman announced events at Woodside Church.