Meeting Minutes, November 19, 2009

College Cultural Neighborhood Association

Minutes of the November 19, 2009 Meeting [not corrected or approved]

Officers: President Sherry Hayden * Vice President Mike Keeler * Secretary Paul Streby * Treasurer Cindy Robinson

Vice-President Mike Keeler presided.

Minutes of the September 17, 2009 meeting were read by Secretary Paul Streby and approved.


Treasurer Cindy Robinson reported that the general fund had $674.73, and total funds were $1140.59. The treasurer’s report was approved.

Kay Kelly introduced Officer Wooster, who is at the mini station at N. Franklin near Bennett. He reported that the mini station will soon have a computer that equals what is available at police headquarters. Regular hours are 7:45 am – 3:45 pm (with other hours available); the telephone number is 766-7304. Additional mini stations may open later. Officer Wooster gave some safety tips, including using outdoor lights, having a fence, keeping a screen over back door windows, and neighborhood patrols. Citizens can ask the Flint Police to do vacation checks when they are gone. Neighbors can put pressure on the owner of the Double-J Market to be a more positive presence in the neighborhood. A Neighborhood Action Session for Ward 7 is scheduled for the Brennan Center for Monday, November 30, 5:30-7:00.

Kay reported that several sports leagues played at Kearsley Park. New sidewalks into the park have been added, and ten youths are working there through early December. Six weddings were held at the park. The annual Holiday Walk on Tuesday, December 8 will feature performances of Snow White. Kay is wrapping up ten years of service on the Planning Commission; new applicants are welcome. She reported that Mott College hopes to open a satellite public safety station at the recently acquired Reserves building near Kearsley Park. Mott is also hosting a Community Conversation on Tuesday, December 15, 3:00-5:00, sponsored by the Center for Michigan ( RSVP to 762-0455.

Kathi Beaubien said that wreath orders are being taken through November 25 from the National Women’s Farm & Garden Club, which maintains the heart near the Michigan School for the Deaf & Blind, among other places.

Alex Harris reported that several group homes in the neighborhood are well run, but that Carol’s Adult Foster Care home at 1325 Beard has been poorly run for 7-8 years. An investigation revealed physical and mental abuse of elder residents, and recommend revoking the home’s license. The caregiver’s boyfriend has a criminal history and is alleged to have intimidated and assaulted neighbors who complained. More information is available online:

City Councilman Dale Weighill said he would try to attend CCNA meetings, if only for part of them. This was his third neighborhood association meeting of the evening. Delrico Lloyd was elected Council President, and Dale Vice-President. He reported that the City will probably lose $2.5 – $3 million in revenue-sharing funds from the State; property and income tax collections are down as well. The deficit will probably reach o $4 million by January. The Council may put the ombudsman’s office on the ballot for deletion, to save about $300,000 annually. Volunteers need to be used better for city services. Rhoda Matthews at the Citizens’ Service Bureau at City Hall told Dale that grant funding is being pursued to support volunteer activities. Only two code enforcers are currently employed; the City needs at least one per ward. Grant money, plus City workers willing to multitask, might generate revenue from code fines.

Sherry reported that Flint-bred author Christopher Paul Curtis is speaking at UM-Flint; more info:

Stephany Diana reported that bike rides went well, and were aimed at people who are not necessarily experienced or fast. Mike Keeler said that a group tried for a fifty-mile ride within the city, and got as far as 44 miles.

Andy Everman reported that Woodside Church is selling ash wood for $50/cord, and will deliver. The wood is seasoned and split.

Respectfully submitted by Paul Streby