Meeting Minutes, May 20, 2010


Vice President Mike Keeler presided.

Minutes of the March 18, 2010 meeting were read by President Sherry Hayden, corrected, and approved.

The treasurer’s report was read by Treasurer Cindy Robinson and approved. East Village ads cost $61.00, $10.18 was spent on other matters. The general fund balance has $836.05, the beautification fund $710.86.

Jack Minore conducted the annual officers’ election. With no one asking to run in opposition to them, the current officers were re-elected by acclamation.

Mike introduced State Senator Deb Cherry, who is running for County Treasurer, and former City Councilman, who is running for State Representative for the 49th District.

Flint Police Chief Alvern Lock expressed support for the crime watch under development. The Flint Police Department is partnering with Mott College’s Public Safety to have a foot patrol available in the neighborhood. People can call 237-6818 for non-emergencies, and leave a message if no one is available. If people are not satisfied with 911 service, they can call 237-6868 to complain. Special Operations is 237-6950. There will be training June 18 at Hurley for anyone interested in crime watches, volunteering at mini-stations, or other crime prevention. Once the Flint-Mott partnership is in place, crimes reported to Mott’s Safety Dept. will be added to Flint’s tallies.

Debi Splaney, head of the Central Park Crime Watch, spoke about their Eyes & Ears program. A “suspect” came in, created a brief “disturbance,” and left. Mott’s Sgt. Nicholson came and took a description from neighbors at the meeting. It was Debi’s son; when he came back in, the description people gave collectively was fairly accurate. Getting accurate details helps tremendously. Having residents pay attention to what is going on has helped her neighborhood tremendously; two drug houses have been shut down based on information that people reported to police.

Mike reported that the crime watch committee has met twice; the next meeting is 7:00 on May 27 in Rm. 1301 at the Mott Tech Center. A signup sheet was sent around. Some neighbors are taking an inventory of non-working street lights. Anti-crime tips included keeping garage doors locked, keys and purses out of sight, hitting car alarms if burglars are trying to get in, putting a baby monitor outside, and setting burglar alarms to the “stay” setting at night.

Mike introduced new neighbors. One proposed a block party at the triangle near Hastings.

Claudia Mach reminded neighbors of garden work dates on 2nd Saturdays now through September, meeting at 9:00 at Family Video. The day after is the rain date. Beautification for the garden along Robert T. Longway on 2nd Wednesdays.

Mike checked on State Sen. Woodrow Stanley’s controversial proposal to extend University Park’s tax-free status, but did not receive information. Deb Cherry checked on it, and the extension was already passed.

Andy Everman and others have been mowing public spaces and vacant lots. Someone asked about donating gas cards; they can go to Geoffrey Neithercutt.

City Councilman Dale Weighill reported that a federal grant allowed rehiring 38 firefighters. Two firefighters wrote the grant application, and Rep. Dale Kildee aided in its going through. Six part-time blight elimination officers will be trained and help enforce the City Code. Pierce Park was mowed by Andy Everman, but the City will begin mowing soon. The golf course may be sold at some point; Andy Everman and Geoffrey Neithercutt are pitching Mott College to take it over for activities and classes on golf course management. Additional workers have been hired to get yard waste pickup back on track. Biweekly trash pickup has apparently not saved much money, due to overtime. Jack Minore said biweekly pickup a few years ago saved little in the short run, because of unemployment and overtime. The Fire Dept. is overseen by Police Chief Alvern Lock, who is a sort of super chief, and an assistant fire chief. Dale’s cell is 423-1744.

Jack Minore thanked people for helping with the watershed cleanup.

Rev. Deborah Kohler introduced herself and invited people to bring their kids to the playground at Woodside Church.

Tom Nobles introduced himself and encouraged people to attend the upcoming play put on by the Flint Community Players.