Meeting Minutes, September 16, 2010

Vice President Mike Keeler presided.

Board of Education member Betty Ramsdell gave a report on a proposed sinking fund. Homedale School will be torn down at a cost of $600,000. Central High School can be renovated if stimulus funds come through.

Secretary Paul Streby read the reports of the special July 22 meeting, which were recorded by Mike Robinson. They were approved.

Treasurer Cindy Robinson read the treasurer’s report; CCNA had a total of $1610.66 in its bank accounts. The report was approved.

President Sherry Hayden reported that Andy Everman has been doing a lot of mowing around the neighborhood. To help cover his expenses, neighbors are invited to give money or give it to Sherry to pass along to Andy. The next cleanup date is October 9.

A neighbor reported that on two occasions, a twosome hit golf balls at the crews mowing Burroughs Park. The Mott Public Safety desk sergeant can be called if this happens again.

Raynetta Speed, outreach coordinator of the Genesee County Land Bank reported on the clearing of vacant and abandoned lots and garden programs. The Land Bank is still demolishing dilapidated homes and trying to keep up with the arsons in Flint. More information is available at

City Councilman Dale Weighill reported that 500 houses are on the City’s emergency demolition list. The Council has recommended bidding out the demolition projects. Tami McRae is the blight elimination officer for the 7th Ward, plus some other areas. The blight elimination office number is 237-2090. The initial fine for parking on lawns is $25, and gets higher for subsequent citations, but follow-through is difficult, given the lack of police resources. He is working on getting the City to take action on the burned-out house at 801 S. Vernon, which is boarded up. He can meet with the mayor, and bring along neighbors who are interested.

Dale reported that there are not enough votes in favor of extending the tax abatement for University Park Estates. He will email the CCNA Listserv if the mayor brings it to the City Council. The decline in property values created a $10M deficit the last year of the Williamson administration, and $9M under Dayne Walling. A tax increase might not prevent revenue from sinking further, so layoffs could still occur. Another state takeover might not be all bad, with revenues and expenditures being lined up. He is interested in input on this. The City offered the owner of Genesee Towers a portion of the settlement, but he refused, so a millage might be imposed to pay the award. If the City could not make its payroll, this could be a trigger for a takeover.

Alex Harris stated that legacy costs such as pensions eat up a large portion of the City’s budget. These cannot be removed except possibly in a municipal bankruptcy.

Jim Ananich, who is running for state representative, reported that there will be an election forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters on September 29 at Flushing Twp. Hall, featuring candidates in local races. He said that the cost of demolishing Genesee Towers may be a wash if the resulting scrap materials are sold.

Deb Cherry, candidate for County Treasurer, said she wants to analyze foreclosures and work with banks to head off foreclosures when possible.

Craig Wolcott and Mike Herriman reported that they now have 13 block captains for the Crime Watch. Block captains gather contact information from residents of their areas, and get them on the Red Alert system if they wish. It is important to turn on porch lights at night, but some streets are very dark. More Blue Badge training of different levels is coming up. Crime Watch vests are available. The next Crime Watch meeting is October 7. A paid patrol is a no-go. It is recommended that homeowners bolt window air conditioners and keep pepper spray or wasp spray near their doors.

Matt Schlinker modelled a Crime Watch vest, and gave a demonstration of a Red Alert. Patrol Notes is available for people using the Red Alerts. Neighbors can contact Matt or Shane Grambling to be added to the Patrol Notes list.

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