Simple things you can do to improve your neighborhood

  • Keep the exterior of your own home clean, painted and in good repair.
  • Clear snow and keep the grass cut on your own property
  • Report problems, crime and suspicious behavior directly to the Flint Police Department via this form or stop by the mini-station. Contact 911 and/or the Mott Community College police (810) 762-0222, active in our neighborhood.
  • Know and talk to your neighbors; knowing your neighbors helps control crime.
  • Display a crime watch window sign and offer neighbors signs.  Signs are available from your block captain or at the mini-station.
  • Come to CCNA neighborhood meetings and stay informed of neighborhood issues.  See for meeting schedule.
  • Invite new neighbors to join you at a CCNA meeting
  • Join the neighborhood list serve:
  • Pick up litter on your street; and if you are a walker, pick up litter on your walks.
  • If you live next to a vacant house, keep the grass cut and occasionally park a car in the drive.
  • Volunteer with the beautification committee.  Contact Claudia Mach or Mary Whaley.
  • Volunteer to be a block captain.  Call Craig Wolcott at 265-3226 or
  • Volunteer to help keep the mini-station staffed.  Call Don Potter at 624-3510 or
  • Volunteer to be part of the neighborhood patrol.  Call Matt Schlinker at 691-7869 or

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