Meeting Minutes, November 15, 2012

Minutes of the November 15th Meeting of the CCNA

7:05 Mike Keeler welcomed everyone and opened the meeting.

The Minutes from the meeting of September 20th, 2012 were read.

A motion was made to accept the minutes, it was seconded and passed.

Sherry Haden read the Treasurer’s report and also informed the membership that Cindy Robinson will be continuing as Treasurer but will not be able to attend the meetings for some months due to a scheduling conflict.

It was moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded, and approved.

2013 Fund appeal – use the meeting attendance e-mail list reminding people to renew their membership. Also use the list to send a report on all the activities that we will accomplish and use that report to ask people to continue to fund it.

Question: Can we use a fundraiser?

That could be very time intensive.

Question: Can we do a garage sale?

We have done that, didn’t raise a whole a lot.

If people have ideas we would love to have people take the bull by the horns.

Representative Jim Ananich spoke.

Real Estate Report: Mark Fisher

Good news: Prices increasing at a higher rate than the county (but starting a lot lower)
Ok news: Still a lot of short sales out there
Neighborhood market is firming up

Landlord/tenant Committee: Stef Diana
Worked on providing resources to improve the neighborhood
Did some work on our section of the website, but website needs to me more robust generally
Went through the various features added website and the information put out for public consumption
We need to add a link to report street lights out
Need help keeping it up-to-date,
please pass the improvements on
Asking for $75 for printing costs for printed materials we would like to produce for landlords/tenets
Motioned, seconded, and approved
New manager at Meade Street Apartments who has been taking a lot of action to clean it up

Tree Grant
Genesee County Conservation District had grants available
We received 2500 dollars and put in 33 trees

Community Foundation of Greater Flint and Health Coalition grants
Community foundation grant put in video camera, various things for the mini-station, and red alert
Health Coalition Grant – anniversary party and open sign for mini-station, also rent and utilities for mini-station
$1000 dollars for each grant
Need a volunteer coordinator for mini-station

Neighborhood Watch Committee
Common subject in early meetings was the party store
Took the approach of cooperating with the party store owner in trying to improve the clientele and the environment
State Police anonymous crime tip form – they need to get probable cause to investigate, this form can give them probable cause. With probable cause they can come out and watch the area to figure out what’s going on
How does this work with the City? This form goes to the State Police not the City the State Police may communicate with the city, but we do not know
We had an incident were suspicious activity was reported, pictures were taken, and it resulted in 4 individuals being arrested at Mott Park (U of M police reported seeing the car and City of Flint PD picked them up in Mott Park)
Information on impounding vehicles of folks with outstanding warrants who were pulled over. Mayor Walling wrote a letter confirming the information that we presented to him at the last meeting.
Motion to write a letter supporting implementing an impound policy. Motioned passed unanimously
Discussion about what to do if the police cannot come

Councilman Dale Weighill
Since we have had the emergency manager there have been fewer council meetings, no committee meetings and greater interaction with Department heads
Still working on constituent issues but Department heads do not return calls anymore

Meeting was adjourned at 9:12

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