Meeting Minutes, January 17, 2013

Minutes of the January 17, 2013 Meeting of the CCNA

Mike Keeler Opened at 7:05

John Cherry read the minutes. Motion to approve the minutes was accepted and approved.

Cindy Robinson submitted the Treasurer’s report and Mike Keeler summarized. There was discussion about membership renewals and funding of the mini-station. The treasurer’s report was approved.

Mark Fisher is ill and unable to attend (so there was no real estate report).

Mike Herriman presented on neighborhood watch. They were able to identify and apprehend the individual who broke into the mini-station. The individual on the bike who was breaking into vehicles and houses was tracked throughout the night by patrollers and the FPD were eventually able to pick him up.

Mike Brown, City Administrator presented:

The City just submitted a quarterly report to the Treasury Department. The administrator discussed the budget/deficit. We are 7 months into the current budget and it continues to be balanced. The City just submitted a report to the Mott Foundation on the police grant, there has been progress on 911 and the Flint Lockup. They have been able to arrest over 675 individuals now that the Lockup is open. Discussion continued on previous unfunded liabilities. Recycling will be part of the new sanitation contract.

Announcements: FRWSC Dinner end of January, Recycling is available at Goodwill on Averil, and help is needed on the Master Plan Assessment.

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