Meeting Minutes, March 21, 2013

Minutes of the March 21, 2013 Meeting of the CCNA

Mike Keeler Opened at 7:00

John Cherry read the minutes. Motion to approve the minutes was accepted and approved.

Cindy Robinson submitted the Treasurer’s report and Mike Keeler summarized. Motion to approve the treasurer’s report was accepted and approved.

Mike discussed curbside recycling

  • Discussed the history of attempting to incorporate recycling into City waste collection
  • The whole City will have access, but you have to call them and ask for recycling.
  • The phone number is 1-888-872-7455.
  • You will likely have to pick it up your bin from one of four locations in the City but they will deliver it to you if you ask.
  • The container will be 18 gallons but you will be able to use other containers, if it is properly labeled.

Mike Herriman – Neighborhood Watch

  • The individual who broke into the mini-station was caught, and received probation. He has a stack of priors.
  • We need statements of impact and letters to convince the judge to give a stronger sentence. Sentencing is Monday.

Matthew Jones

  • Did an Eagle Scout project in the community with the assistance of the community and wants to say thank you.
  • He is going on mission and wanted to invite the members of the associate to the missionary dinner to raise money for the mission on April 13th at the Grand Blanc State Center on McClandish Rd

Andy Everman – Michigan Neighborhood Association

  • Conference in Flint on September 27-28 at Woodside Church
  • If you have ideas for topics speakers, please contact him

City Councilman Dale Weighill

  • The Council is discussing the Karengondi Water Authority
  • He expects a vote on Monday, he plans to vote yes
  • The Council and the Mayor are putting together a resolution asking for a transition advisory board that will transition us away from an emergency manager
  • Has had discussions on 801 South Meade blight issues, neighborhood blight issues here and in Evergreen Estates. They will be meeting with Congressman Kildee to talk about options to stabilize the neighborhood.
  • We have the option to leave KWA if there are cost overruns
  • He will not be running for re-election to the council

Dick Ramsdell

  • Manager of the Flint Farmer’s Market
  • Presented on the Flint Farmers Market move, problems with the old site and advantages of the new site
  • Extensive discussion ensued on the Market

Meeting was adjourned at 9:15

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