Meeting Minutes, May 16, 2013

Draft Minutes of the May 16, 2013 Meeting of the CCNA

Mike Keeler opened the meeting at 7:00pm.

John Cherry read the minutes. Motion to approve the minutes was accepted and approved, with one correction.

Cindy Robinson submitted the Treasurer’s report and Sherry Hayden summarized. Motion to approve the treasurer’s report was accepted and approved.

Candidates for the special election

  • Phil Phelps, running for 49th State Representative, discussed his work experience, and issues of interest
  • Andy Everman, running for the 49th State Representative, discussed his work experience, and connection to the neighborhood
  • Primary for the seat is on August 6th
  • Alex Harris, running for 7th Ward City Council, talked about issues that the city is facing, particularly public safety

Jim Ananixh

  • Appointed to Health Policy, Banking, Economic Development Committees
  • Talked about scrap metal theft and public safety funding
  • Jim answered questions about what is going on in Lansing

Election of Officers

  • Jack Minore requested nominations for President, Mike Keeler was nominated. Motion to elect by acclimation was made and seconded, passed unanimously.
  • Jack Minore requested nominations for Vice President, Sherry Hayden was nominated. Motion to elect by acclimation was made and seconded, passed unanimously.
  • Jack Minore requested nominations for Secretary, John Cherry was nominated. Motion to elect by acclimation was made and seconded, passed unanimously.
  • Jack Minore requested nominations for Treasurer, Susan Davidek was nominated. Motion to elect by acclimation was made and seconded, passed unanimously.

Trent Farnsworth from Flint Firefighters and Kevin Smith from Flint Police Officers Association talked to the group.

  • Discussed the change in EMS services from the City of Flint to the County
  • Discussed the changes in funding and disagreements with the consolidation of services strategy
  • Discussed the SAFER grant from the federal government that is being used to fund the Fire Department, and difficulties in getting the City to apply for continuation of the grant
  • Talked about concessions that the Department has made
  • Kevin Smith discussed being on patrol and answered questions –
  • Said that there is currently a police reserve program
  • Talked about uncertainty about the use of the new millage funds
  • Talked about the lack of utilization of revenue generating strategies for the police

Real Estate Report – Grant Hamady

  • Feels that sales are getting better right now,
  • There is currently a wholesale market (hud, foreclosures and shortsales) and also a retail market. The retail market is showing higher prices currently and has a good outlook.

Marketing Committee – Stef Diana

  • Discussed the idea of marketing the neighborhood
  • Want to develop a tri-fold brochure and update the website to make it more attractive
  • The brochure would be used to distribute to HR Departments a major employers like Diplomat, UofM, Mott, Hurley, McClaren, Kettering, etc.
  • We have started to talking to some of the HR Departments
  • Not just a brochure and a website, but also branding
  • Total price would be about $3000
  • Discussion about the fact that when people see the neighborhood that they like it, but there is a perception problem
  • Discussion about the rental market in the neighborhood

Mini-Station Update – Mike Keeler and Alex Harris

  • Had discussion with Mike Brown about utilization of the mini-station by the City
  • They are looking for us to fund it at no cost to the City
  • We are still waiting for response from the City
  • We are paid through September and have commitments through 2014

Flint Neighborhoods United – Craig Wolcott

  • We are putting together a letter of concern about Land Bank funding to the County Commission
  • They are working on blight issues
  • They are working on a court watch program
  • Flint Master Plan Public Safety Advisory Group is talking about recommendations to expand ministrations, crime watch, and an advisory committee to assist in ideas to increase public safety
  • Forms to report blight at
  • They sent a letter to officials to encourage the closing of Palm Tree Lounge

Crime Watch – Mike Herriman

  • Dave Caswell is working on obtaining walkee-talkees for patrollers
  • There is an informational training program this Saturday for patrollers
  • Update on David McCarty who broke into the mini-station, the courts released him into a special drug court program.
  • Indications are that he is already offending again

Recycling – Holly Lubowicki

  • You can also use a container if your bin is not enough for your recycling
  • There are some items that you cannot recycle, that they show is recyclable (egg cartons, frozen food bags, bread bags)
  • They will deliver the bins if you call 888-872-7455

Other announcements

  • The City of Flint is not allowing Andy to mow the parks for free anymore because they believe they can save money by hiring someone to mow them twice per month
  • They will be closing the bank in the Mott Foundation Building
  • Jack motioned that $250 dollars be used from the general fund to fund the marketing campaign, seconded
  • Discussion on whether it would be slanted towards rental or homeownership – no slant either way
  • Discussion about whether to prioritize the web or print
  • Motion Passed unanimously
  • We are now getting notices on the runs in the neighborhood
  • Household Hazardous waste collection is this weekend
  • Land Bank is providing discounts to public safety, military, and health personnel for purchase of renovated Land Bank properties
  • Next membership meeting September 19th
  • Michigan Neighborhood Association is having a convention at Woodside Church on September 27 and 28

Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm

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