Dealing with Problems: Noise, Blight, Disrepair

Finding out who owns a particular piece of property.

    If the owner’s address is different than the house address, it is more than likely a rental.

Getting help from the City:

  • Ordinances – is it against the rules?
  • Places to call for help from City government
    • If a vacant house has been compromised, call Building Inspections at 766-7284
    • If the problem is a rental, check with Building Inspections at 766-7284 to see if the property is licensed. All rental property in the city should be licensed and inspected. Problem properties that are not licensed can be reported to put pressure on the landlord to come into compliance with the City rules.

Solving problems without the City:

  • Report a problem crime, or suspicious activity to CCNA
  • If a bank is involved in a problem property, contact them. Often there is a sign on a vacant house indicating that a bank or property solutions company is involved with the house. Call them as an interested neighbor. Ask them to take down their sign since it is an invitation to scrappers and others up to no good. Ask them for help addressing any problems.

Sample complaint numbers:

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