The mini-station is the newest component of the neighborhood watch program.  It opened in April of 2012 and is still a work in progress.   The office is located on Commonwealth near Court, across from the old video store.  It is staffed by volunteers so the hours are at this point irregular.  Stop by to take a look when you see it open.

The purposes of the mini-station are to:

  • Be a visible presence of the neighborhood watch.
  • Keep data about undesirable activities in the neighborhood that may lead to more serious problems.
  • Create a place where our crime watch groups and individuals can interact with community police and neighbors to share concerns, incidents, information, etc.
  • Encourage new residents or uninvolved residents to become involved in watch activities as
    • Volunteers at the mini-station
    • Patrollers
    • Block captains
    • Red alert participants
    • Financial supporters
    • Be a gathering place for people to meet their neighbors.
    • Provide print information about the neighborhood including CCNA activities and maps.

Mini-station volunteers enable the station to be open so neighbors can drop by to report a problem, pick up information, meet another neighbors etc.  Volunteers are needed at all times of the day.  Bring a friend or your euchre group and spend an hour or two to help out the neighborhood.  For more information contact:

Don Potter – 624-3510 or

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