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If you are interested in blogging on this site, you must first set up a WordPress account. Then notify Paul Streby, your friendly neighborhood association webmaster, and I can add you as an author. Email me at pgstreby <at>, and let me know what email address you’re using in WordPress. (Your email address won’t appear, but I need it to add you to this blog.) Here are some simple groundrules:

1) Keep it civil. This is a friendly neighborhood, and its blog should be, too. Controversy is fine, as long as it is expressed civilly and charitably. Personal attacks, vulgarity, and excessive sarcasm will be deleted.

2) Keep it local. Postings should concern our neighborhood or the Flint area. National and international issues, however interesting or important, should be discussed somewhere else.

3) Keep it ad-free. Please don’t use this blog to push particular candidates, businesses, or the like.

4) Keep it positive. We live in one of the greatest neighborhoods in Genesee County. We can be open about problems, and don’t shy away from controversy, but let’s not forget all the good things about our community, either.

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  1. The City’s Sanitation Dept. phone was playing a recording today saying that yard waste is being picked up.
    I have a neighbor looking a a good yard work and/or handyman person. If you have someone good -and don’t mind sharing – please let me know and I’ll pass the name along.

    Mike Glasson

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