Patrol Notes

We need more people willing to patrol occasionally – on their own schedule – either driving, walking, bike riding, whatever method you prefer. Patrollers watch and gather information on suspicious behaviors; we do not confront or in any way risk our personal safety.

It’s easy; you just report what you see as you move around the neighborhood.  Whatever you observe, you email into the Patrol Notes system from you smartphone, if you have one, or from your computer when you get home.  No specific time commitment is required.  Just do what you can as we try in put more observes on the street.  Criminals do not like people watching them.

Anyone interested in joining our patrol group should contact Matt Schlinker or Shane Gramling for information. We have vests to wear and/or neighborhood watch signs for patroller’s cars, but you do not need to use either.  For more information contact:

Matt Schlinker – 691-7869 or
Shane Gramling –

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