Invitation to Landlords

Dear CCNA Property Owner,

The College and Cultural Neighborhood Association (CCNA) works to improve and maintain the value of property in our neighborhood in a variety of ways. We appreciate your investment in the College and Cultural Neighborhood and are interested in working with you to enhance the neighborhood and the value of your investment.

The CCNA invites you to attend our bi-monthly CCNA meetings; they bring everyone together to hear about beautification efforts, special events, neighbor concerns, and are an opportunity for our city councilperson to report on the latest news from City Hall. Please consider the CCNA website,, as a resource to you to maintain the value of your investment and as a means to learn about what is happening in our neighborhood.

The CCNA also works to improve neighborhood safety through its Neighborhood Watch subcommittee. While we have done a fair job of reaching out to residents, we have realized that there are many property owners who don’t live in the neighborhood. You and your tenants are very important to the wellbeing of the neighborhood as we all struggle to maintain the appearance and safety of the neighborhood. Homes that are occupied and well maintained assist in preventing problems.

The Neighborhood Watch program includes volunteer patrols, a block captain system, Neighborhood Watch signs for windows, and a phone tree for reporting immediate problems. All neighbors serve as eyes and ears for crime, vandalism and neglect in our neighborhood. Neighbors are helping protect neighbors and enhance the appearance of the neighborhood.

We believe the College and Cultural Neighborhood is one of the best neighborhoods in the city and in the region. We look forward to your participation with the College Cultural Neighborhood Association and our Neighborhood Watch activities.

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